The X Series


The X-Series

The X Series is our product offering designed to celebrate and inspire women. We build the X-Series with the exact same high performance materials, shapes and constructions as the unisex range, but with alternate topsheets and lengths for women who rip. While the X Series is aimed at women, both the X Series and our unisex range are for everyone. Select the topsheet that suits your style.

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21|22 Collection

Agent X Series

Our modern, lightweight touring skis. The Agent X Series includes Agent 1.0X, Agent 2.0X and Agent 3.0X.

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21|22 Collection

Candide Thovex X Series

Sporting Candide's signature shape, stance and flex, the Candide Thovex X series is available in CT 2.0x and CT 3.0x.

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21|22 Collection

Dictator X Series

Our all-mountain metal flat tails come in Dictator 1.0X, Dictator 2.0X and FWT Champion Elisabeth Gerritzen's ski of choice; Dictator 3.0X.

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21|22 Collection

Prodigy X Series

Our progressive twin-tips are available in Prodigy 0.0X, Prodigy 1.0X, Prodigy 2.0X, Prodigy 3.0X and Prodigy 0.0X Junior.

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