By Tim Owen 27th August 2021.

POTM Winner Daniel Andersson 20|21 Pro of the Month Winner: Daniel Andersson

Every month this past season, we highlighted one member within The Pro Collective as a Pro of the Month to celebrate the remarkable talents at the heart of The Pro Collective.

Åre based freestyle ski coach and ski technician Daniel Andersson is the overall winner for Pro of the Month 20|21, due to his passion for skiing and enthusiasm for all things Faction. As our winner, we're equipping  Daniel's arsenal with a new pair of CT 2.0 and a Logo T-shirt for the upcoming season.
Thank you for your support, Daniel!

Get inspired for the 21|22 season by taking a look at the highlights of our Pro of the Month posts:

Wolfgang POTM

July 2020

Eva Eskilsson & Wolfgang Huber

IFMGA-certified mountain guides

 « The social part of skiing is important to me and I love sharing adventures with my friends. When skiing with other people who are also very experienced, group mentality can influence your judgement, therefore teamwork, communication and discipline are crucial to make safe decisions together.»

August 2020

Clay "Gofer" Bryant

Skier and coach

« I really enjoy sharing a passion of mine with kids and seeing them grow as people. And there’s nothing more rewarding than knowing you’re helping them become skiers forever.»

Clay Bryant

Lucas POTM

September 2020

Lucas Sartore

ESF ski instructor

« I have great memories of skiing as a child, for example I used to carry my dad’s poles and he would carry my skis, or me always wanting to be first behind my instructor. Today, the roles have changed! I’m the one carrying the kids’ skis and I’m the instructor in charge of coming up with rules because all the kids want to ski behind me.»

October 2020

Mo Mitchell

U10 Alpine Coach for Aspen Valley Ski Club

« I truly believe I work with a special age group. I guide, encourage and empower these kids to push themselves on the mountain not only physically, but mentally as well. When we push our comfort levels, we grow. These are life lessons that I hope will positively influence these children and stick with them throughout their lives.»

Mo Mitchell

Katharina POTM

November 2020

Katharina Schuler

Ski instructor and sports events project manager 

« I'm not quite sure if proud is the right word for me here, I'd rather say it creates an inner contentment when I am able to introduce people to skiing and especially off-piste-skiing, with all its complexity and beauty. At the end of the day, when I look into happy faces, I simply know what I have done right and that is what creates satisfaction for me.»

December 2020

Maël Pegorier

Switzerland-based ski instructor and coach

« The drawings I get from children at the end of a week of teaching, or the smile on somebody’s face when they manage to ski down a slope on their own. No need for big thank you’s, it’s just a great feeling to share in those moments.»

Mael Pegorier POTM

Laura Gaylord POTM

January 2021

Laura Gaylord

Program Manager at Coombs Outdoors

« I feel proud when I work hard to facilitate an activity for programs, like a season of skiing or a backpacking trip. Then I get to literally watch these kids transform into more confident people when I am outdoors with them, doing something they never thought they would be able to do.»

February 2021

Daniel Andersson - WINNER

Freestyle coach and ski technician

« Any time spent on the mountain is a good time. However, powder and park are some of my favorites. You will usually find me in the park on the days where new snow is nowhere to be found, but as soon as the white gold drops, I am a full-on powder hound!»

Daniel Andersson POTM

Cedric Faudot POTM

March 2021

Cedric Faudot

Year round outdoor guide

« I am proud to be able to pass on my knowledge and the values of helping one another and showing solidarity within the mountain community. I also love sharing amazing experiences with my clients or with my friends! It’s a passion that has turned into a profession. It’s not that common and I’m proud to be a member of this collective of mountain professionals.»

April 2021

Ryan Lachapelle

Coach for the Red Mountain Freeski Team in BC

« Skiing is my biggest passion. My life has revolved around skiing and it has taken me around the world.»

Ryan Lachapelle POTM

Baptiste Cibat Theil POTM

May 2021

Baptiste Cibat Theil

Ski instructor based in La Mongie, France

« Being able to work in the mountains, which is such a beautiful place to be, and to share the pleasure of riding with different people. I am also proud to be able to share riding sessions with my friends who are instructors as well. Whether we’re building a kicker or finding a great line to ride together, it’s just pure happiness.»

June 2021

Yassine Zaki

Ski instructor and freestyle coach

« Sharing with kids, as well as with all my clients, the powerful emotions of landing a new trick, from their first 360, to a double cork, to big slashes in the powder. All these moments are magical and what I enjoy the most is sharing them with my clients; nothing makes me happier.»

Yassine Zaki POTM

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